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All you need to do is give us a simple brief and select a style. We'll do the rest.

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Get your animated video wrapped, in five easy steps!

Process 1: Brief

You call the shots!

First step, complete our simple briefing form. Then, you can arrange a quick online meeting to talk to us, but it's entirely up to you.

Process 2: Style

Style it your way

Then, choose your preferred visual style, just pick the animator you'd like, and you're on your way!

Process 3: Script And Storyboard


Next, we draft your script and create a storyboard to give you a snapshot of your custom video.

Process 4: Approve Demo video


You get a sneak-peek of the final video. Watch the first 20 seconds and give us your feedback before it's in the can.

Process 5: Watch your engaging Final Animated Video


Your masterpiece awaits! Watch the final video, make any last revisions and download it. Sit back, dust off that director's chair, maybe order a martini. You've earned it after all!

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On Demand

Mr. Gogh

Here's a typical 'explainer video' created for Vibons On Demand on the '4 Principles of Effective Meetings'.

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15 Days   02.37

Coca Cola


Coca-Cola asked us to make a video about their company's workplace rights policy and practices.

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15 Days   05.10



Explainer video about 'Essential Selling Principles'

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12 Days   03.18



Beko asked us to produce an interactive explainer video about their cutting-edge TV technologies.

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45 Days   16.45



Allianz briefed us to create a series of videos about their onboarding process.

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20 Days   08.40