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About us

Why Vibons?

At Vibons, we do only one thing: Motion Graphics Videos!
We create the highest quality videos to increase engagement among distracted learners. Our videos are short, animated and very effective. We pride ourselves on how swiftly we can turn your videos around without sacrificing quality.

Quality First


Developed for Distracted Learners

How to Deal with Distracted Learners

As you probably know, the average person's attention span is ... oh look, there goes a kitten wearing a silly bowler hat!

See what we mean! We’re living in a fast world full of tempting distractions with thousands of messages beamed at us daily, all vying for our poor, depleted attention spans. So we know it's essential to capture your viewer's interest within seconds.

That's where Vibons comes to the rescue. Our highly engaging animated videos work because they're short, slick and simple.



Tugrul Turkkan


He started his first business at the age of five when he narrated the Fantastic Four and sold the story to his very first customer, his own dad.


Kivanc Korzay

Chief Creative Officer

He's a big modeling fan, whose biggest coup was creating a realistic World War II scene for the Company of Heroes video game in just three months.


Alp Turkkan

Chief Revenue Officer

When he’s not working, you'll find him hiking the Inca Trail or climbing Mayan pyramids.


Emre Sahiner

Chief Information Officer

He loves Asian food and dancing (especially cha-cha and rumba). He’s an active guy, who loves to play soccer, sometimes as often as four times a week.


Asli Solen

Production Director

Asli loves two things in life more than anything, (well, after her family): shopping and cooking.


Rod Turner

Pre-Production Director

Rod loves two things in life more than anything, (well, after his family): shopping and cooking.


Bahar Guven

Chief Illustrator

Bahar loves avocados and is an avid reader of Marcel Proust.


Can Ozdoruk

Advisor, Marketing & Growth

He loves Asian food and dancing (especially cha-cha and rumba).