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Why choose Vibons?

  • You'll be amazed just how easy it is to get your dream animated video.
  • Once you brief us, we can get your video ready in less than fourteen days, and often within seven.
  • Our pricing starts at just USD $2,080 for a professional 1-minute video that will truly leave you happy and proud.

Vibons can help you with...

We focus on two main types of animated videos: 'internal' and 'promotional.'

Our internal videos are ideal for training, staff communication, and event presentations.

Our promotional videos are perfect for start-up companies, internet or TV adverts.

We excel at making 'explainer videos' - all you need to do is give us a simple brief and select the style you prefer. We do the rest.

The difference between Blue and Red Plan

What will it be, the Blue Pill or the Red Pill?

  • With the Red Plan, you just give us a basic outline, we do everything else, from script writing to voice-overs.
  • The Blue Plan is ideal for agencies. You give us the final script that we'll turn into a polished video. If you already have a talented writer in your team, we recommend you stick with Blue because it's faster and cheaper.

Plans and Pricing

We know each project is different. Some are quicker than others, and our own costs vary from project to project. But we're here to make things easy for you after all, so that's why we prefer to give our customers a simple and reliable price plan.

Here's how our pricing works. After choosing your plan, the only other factor is duration.

  • Red Plan includes script writing, storyboarding, voice-over and animations. You pay $2,600 up to 1 minute video.
  • In Blue Plan, save 20% less. Bring your own script and the storyboard. We provide the animations and the voice-over for you.

Our on-demand service, Vibons On Demand, is priced according to location and company size.


Because we know that sometimes things can change beyond your control, we do allow cancelations, but please note the following terms:

  • For Red Plan clients, projects in the second phase pay 25%, those in the third pay 50% and those in the fourth pay 75% of the base fee. Fees are non-refundable for projects in the final phase.
  • For Blue Plan clients, projects in the second phase pay 20%, those in the third pay 33% and those in the fourth pay 50% of the base fee. Fees are non-refundable for projects in the final phase.

How to create a video?

Just click “Create a video” and complete the simple brief and style forms.

Document Security

We care about your security. Vibons takes all appropriate measures to secure your sensitive information.

Style Choices

Do you have a favorite animator in mind? That's great! You can pick your preferred animator when creating a custom video. You can also tailor the visual style to your tastes, including color palettes, characters, typography, and icons.

'On Demand' Videos

'On Demand' videos is a collection of training or explainer videos, companies can buy/rent for their corporate tube internal video portals. Companies can also request revisions for these videos, meaning a video on meeting efficiency can be customised for your company's meeting policy.

Language, BGM and Sound Effects

We offer videos in a huge range of languages: English, French, German, Japanese, even Swahili! Whatever language you choose, you'll get a professional voice over, background music and sound effects.

Fees, Payments

Please read chapter 7, Terms & Service.

Editable Data

Fees do not include project files. If you need to own and access all source materials for future updates, we can send you all the source files. Prices vary depending on the project.


Get a piece of the action with the world’s fastest, most cost-effective video production platform. If you fancy becoming a reseller, we'd love to talk to you! Drop us an email.


As long as there are no major changes (see below for our definition), we’ll revise your video for free. Even after you downloaded the finalized video.

We define 'major changes' as:

  • Changes to the approved scenario.
  • Changes to the approved style, i.e., characters, animated typography and objects.
  • Changes to the approved voice-over.