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Five Tips for Onboarding New Employees to a Remote Work

By Journey   |    3 min read

Five Tips for Onboarding New Employees to a Remote Work

By Journey
 3 min read

Five Tips for Onboarding New Employees to a Remote Work

Want to welcome new hires remotely? These expert virtual onboarding tips will help your remote employees get up to speed quickly and with conviction.

But, let's have a look at what we mean by "onboarding" first. Gartner defines onboarding as "the business process that organizations execute from the point at which a job applicant has accepted an offer of employment to the point at which the new employee is productive at work." Even from this definition, the process is crucial for adapting new hires to your work culture and the environment from the day they accept a job offer, yes, the day they "accept." But what if the first day they start work isn't even at work? A robust onboarding is possible even if it moves to the virtual realm.

Create a structured onboarding process

If your first day at a workplace involved just sitting around and waiting for someone to tell you what's going on around there, you wouldn't think too highly of the organization. It is no different for a virtual onboarding. An effective onboarding strategy involves creating a structured onboarding process. According to research conducted by bambooHR, 23% of new hires who left their jobs within the first six months said receiving clear guidelines for their responsibilities would have helped them stay at their new job. And this indeed gained more importance in these unprecedented times. From communicating regularly with your new hires during your preboarding and onboarding to equipping them with technology as soon as possible and finding them "virtual" mentors, a structured virtual onboarding process is the best welcome you can give to your new hires. It means that not only have you put in time and effort but also, they are valued at their new workplace.

Onboarding "Buddies" help a lot

According to a Harvard Business Review article, every new employee needs an onboarding buddy. Onboarding buddies provide context, boost productivity, and improve new employee satisfaction. Why not consider a "digital buddy" then? Vodafone decided to digitize the onboarding of all new employees. It was important to plan each employee's first 90 days and offer them the right experience at the right time. They selected Journey mobile app as their "digital buddy" and used Journey in the onboarding process of all new employees at its stores, headquarters, and call center.

Sevil Kayas, Vodafone Head of Talent Strategy and Development, summarizes the process as follows: "Journey is a wonderful app for us that addresses the critical needs of the onboarding process, such as digitization, creating personalized content and accessing the right information at the right time."

Tools and templates can help the managers as well as the new hires

The success of onboarding is also dependent on the hiring manager's role, especially during these times. One idea is to give hiring managers tools and templates to standardize the whole process. These can include email templates, checklists, sample announcements, suggested workgroup activities, typical acronyms. A cross-functional committee has partnered with the Talent Management & Workforce Strategy department within Stanford University HR to research best practices and develop the tools to support managers in executing an effective new hire experience. Danielle Hilmes, Director of Talent Acquisition in University HR, says, "These tools can support managers in having a successful onboarding process for their new team members.".

Human connection comes first

Whether they connect with other new hires, their managers, their mentors, or their "buddies," the human connection keeps being essential in a new hire's virtual onboarding process. "Mail welcome cards signed by the team, employment forms, benefit brochures or physical documents that are normally distributed on the first day to the new hire's home address. This is a way to maintain a physical and human connection in the absence of handshakes and on-site welcome sessions," says Jessica Delorenzo from Kimball Electronics Inc

The best processes are the ones that continuously evolve and become better. Conducting short surveys with new hires about what worked and what didn't during their virtual onboarding will help make your process a seamless one. It also makes your new employees feel that "they are heard" and they "contribute." According to the State of Employee Onboarding Research Report by Bob, "Incorporating employee feedback into the onboarding process will make the shift from yesterday's mind-numbing experience of form filling and mundane recruitment tasks to a memorable and rewarding one."

These strategies will help ease and solidify a new start that will be good for your business in the end.

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