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How to Communicate Internally in the Distracted Age?

By Tugrul Turkkan   |    3 min read

How to Communicate Internally in the Distracted Age?

By Tugrul Turkkan
 3 min read

Once upon a time in the stone age, one of our ancestors was rescued by her instant reaction to “a change in the environment.” Her peripheral vision sensed a small motion, the eyes of a saber tooth tiger in the shadows; and she ran away just in time. How did it happen?

Because our brains are programmed to pay attention to visual changes simply to survive.

Good news for our ancestor in the stone age, but bad news for us, the descendants of her… Let me explain: while you focus on a critical task in your daily life, this same pre-programmed reaction takes us away thanks to the endless amount of distractions, i.e., an email pop-up or a social media notification. We lose our focus; we work hard to regain it and eventually we gain it… until we lose it again. That’s the unfortunate yet true cycle most of us experience daily!

See what we mean! We’re living in a racing world full of tempting distractions with thousands of messages beamed at us daily, all vying for our poor, depleted attention spans. So, training our employees via e-learning or informing them about a new service/product launch (with an email, really?) doesn’t work. It just does not. According to the Forrester Research, 70% of those who start an e-learning course never complete it. Text-heavy presentations also do not work! People don’t pay attention.

We needed something new… Something that can capture the viewer's interest within seconds…

That’s why we created Vibons… Motion Graphics videos work, simply because a new animation stimulates the viewer every 2-6 seconds –meaning the content dominates the external world. It also engages the user by combining different techniques such as storytelling, infographics, data visualization, metaphors, dynamic and colorful motion effects.

We think motion graphics is a perfect solution to communicate anything digitally. People can tell any story with an animation.

We make people’s life easier: thanks to Vibons, we foster better communication!

To learn more about Vibons and how it can help you check it out by requesting Demo today.


About the Author: Tugrul Turkkan is the founder and CEO of Vibons, a community based animation platform focused on corporate learning and communication.

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