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How to Develop a Growth Mindset in Your Organization

April 22, 2021Evren Yigitdevelopment in workplace9 min read

Research conducted by Microsoft has proven that employees with a growth mindset are far more likely to go after more innovative projects and outcomes. A growth mindset also encourages collaboration among teams which is the catalyst that drives business success. Here are 4 ways to gain a growth mindset in the workplace.

View the 4 best practices.

8 Ways to Give Developmental Feedback

April 5, 2021Andrea Pejoskaemployee feedback, feedback, development, IDP5 min read

How do you appraise your methods of appraisal? Many leaders and managers either miss this question or fail to come up with the appropriate answers. That’s because it’s easier to just come up with generic feedback like “great” or “lacking depth”.

How to Create Effective Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

March 30, 2021Evren YigitIDP,Effective Individual Development Plans6 min read

Development plans are one of the best tools for HR leaders for people development. The Corporate Leadership Council's Voice of the Leader study closely examined 17 different development interventions. Individual development plans (IDPs) are among the top two most influential development actions. Yost and Plunkett, the authors of Real-Time Leadership Development, says, "The single best strategy you have at your disposal to drive on-the-job development into the DNA of your organization is to encourage all employees to create an individual development plan." Yet, "in too many organizations, development plans have little more than paperwork required by the HR department."

So, what matters when creating an IDP? Here are the six best practices.

The Top 10 Job Skills of Tomorrow (Based on World Economic Forum Research)

March 17, 2021Andrea PejoskaAI, Top 10 Job Skills of Tomorrow, World Economic Forum5 min read

The widespread use of disruptive technologies has been sped up across nearly every industry since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many businesses are in survival mode, struggling to adapt to sweeping changes in their business environment, while others are easily beating the curve with effective digital transformation strategies.

6 Ways to Have Successful Employee Development Conversations

March 17, 2021Evren YigitSuccessful Employee Development Conversations8 min read

Several studies reveal that employee-manager relationships are a significant factor in employee development. A LinkedIn Learning study found that employees see "manager direction" as the biggest motivator for developing themselves. Fifty-six percent of employees say that they would spend more time learning and developing if their managers directed them to improve their skills. An academic study found leader's certain behaviors stimulate engagement in learning and developing activities.

6 Best Practices Managers Can Use to Develop Employees

March 2, 2021Evren Yigit6 Best Practices Managers Can Use to Develop Employees6 min read

Technology adoption and the impacts of the pandemic have been changing the world of work. The World Economic Forum predicts 1.2 billion employees worldwide will be affected by the adaptation of automation technologies, digitization, and AI over the next ten years. Building up skills of the future is key to business success.

How to Measure the True Value of Onboarding

December 3, 2020Bahar TurkkanTrue Value of Onboarding5 min read

Well-known HR influencer Josh Bersin highlighted onboarding as one of the critical areas HR should focus on after Covid-19. But, how to measure the ROI of onboarding? Read the three key elements to measure the true value of onboarding.

Top 5 Useful Books & Reports on Onboarding

November 24, 2020Evren YigitUsefu, Books & Reports, Onboarding4 min read

As a busy HR professional, finding the right resources can be a challenge on onboarding. We have compiled a list of key resources, 5 of them to be exact, to help you get the new hires to adapt, stay, and be happy.

See the top 2 books and 3 articles

4 Key Factors to Make Your Onboarding Buddy System Work

November 19, 2020Evren Yigitonboarding, buddy, buddy system3 min read

4 Key Factors to Make Your Onboarding Buddy System Work

we know having a buddy system that works is essential, especially during remote onboarding. But what are the key factors that make sure it works?

Clarification: Three Key Elements to Onboarding Remote Employees

November 11, 2020Evren Yigitonboarding4 min read

Clarification: Three Key Elements to Onboarding Remote Employees

While orientation programs are a popular component of effective onboarding, a list of tasks and responsibilities is not enough to give employees a robust understanding of a specific role within the company.

Connection or Information? How to Maximize the Success of Remote Onboarding

November 24, 2020Evren Yigitconnection, retention, productivity, Onboarding5 min read

Connection or Information? How to Maximize the Success of Remote Onboarding

Are you welcoming new hires remotely after Covid19? Want your remote employees to get up to speed quickly and confidently while working remotely? Want to keep your retention rates high during times of crisis? Don't forget to establish meaningful "connections."

Why do Companies Fail in Onboarding? Five Common Problems

October 21, 2020Evren Yigitonboarding, remoteonboarding4 min read

Why do Companies Fail in Onboarding? Five Common Problems

Considering all the time, money, and effort that companies put into interviewing, assessing, and hiring candidates, it may shock you to find that only 32% of companies have a formal onboarding process in place

5 Real-Life Examples of Successful Remote Onboarding

October 15, 2020Bahar Guvenonboarding, remote onboarding5 min read

5 Real-Life Examples of Successful Remote Onboarding

Employee onboarding is the process of getting new hires up to speed and helping them be a part of the company. The Mellon Financial Corporation discovered that companies lose between 1% and 2.5% of total revenues due to lost productivity related to getting new hires up to speed and trained. If handled properly, onboarding is a powerful tool for retaining the company's new employees long enough to compensate for the cost.

Five Tips for Onboarding New Employees to a Remote Work

October 7, 2020JourneyFive Tips for Onboarding New Employees to a Remote Work, Create a structured onboarding process3 min read

Five Tips for Onboarding New Employees to a Remote Work

Want to welcome new hires remotely? These expert virtual onboarding tips will help your remote employees get up to speed quickly and with conviction.

L&D Digital Manager at EY UK Speaks About Digital Learning

September 23, 2019Asli DeryaAsli Derya6 min read

Asli Derya is an experienced L&D manager with a history of working in retail and financial services industries. She is a member of the CIPD, a workplace mentor and currently works in EY as a digital learning manager, aiming to transform EMEIA Financial Services business learning to offer from classroom/event-based learning to blended, program approach, fit for future.

6 Practical Tips To Create A Realistic eLearning Budget

December 19, 2018Christopher Pappaselearning budget, elearning design, microlearning, corporate learning, Training1 min read

Developing a realistic eLearning budget allows you to sort the must-haves from the wants in order to achieve the desired goals without breaking the bank. Here are 6 tips to create a realistic eLearning budget for your next eLearning project...

7 L&D Trends To Adopt In 2019

December 12, 2018Cameron BishopLearning & Development, elearning, Online Learning, Corporate Learning, 2019 L&D trends, Training1 min read

It’s the time of year for L&D professionals to look back on employee performance and begin planning their training needs for 2019. To any business, human capital is its greatest asset and the biggest key to achieving business goals. How can you better prepare your teams to perform in a highly competitive environment? Through training...

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills: What's the Difference?

November 28, 2018VibonsHard Skills, Soft Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition1 min read

In job descriptions, employers often ask for a combination of hard and soft skills. Hard skills are related to specific technical knowledge and training while soft skills are personality traits such as leadership, communication or time management. Both types of skills are necessary to successfully perform and advance in most jobs....

12 Ways to Design Better Infographics for eLearning

November 14, 2018Connie MalamedInstructional Design, eLearning Design, Infographics, Infographic Design1 min read

Quantitative infographics are effective for eLearning because they condense and organize - visualize - large amounts of data that would otherwise overwhelm the human mind. By transforming abstract data into a concrete form, infographics help an audience detect patterns, make comparisons, track changes, and see relationships...

Josh Bersin’s top 5 strategies to maximise the employee experience

November 1, 2018Josh BersinEmployee Engagement, Employee Experience, L&D, Human Resources, Talent Management,1 min read

"We are living in interesting times. For the first time in decades the entire global economy is growing. Unemployment rates are almost at a 30 year low, salaries are finally starting to rise, and employers are competing vigorously for a new set of skills..."

8 Top eLearning Trends For 2019

October 24, 2018eLearning IndustryeLearning, Microlearning, Adaptive Learning, AR, VR, Artificial Intelligence, Gamification1 min read

The year 2018 has been quite hectic for eLearning with newer trends taking traction. What will unfold in 2019? What are the key trends to watch out for in the coming year?

5 Workplace Learning Trends

October 17, 2018Vibons, UdemyWorkplace Learning Trends, Udemy, E-learning, Corporate Learning, Enterprise Learning1 min read

2018 offers exciting opportunities for learning & development (L&D). Innovative new technologies are poised to revolutionize workplace learning. But what are the key trends in the L&D space that you should pay attention to in the New Year?

15 Fascinating Statistics About Workplace Wellness

October 3, 2018VibonsWorkplace Wellness, Motivation, Employee Engagement, Productivity1 min read

Investing in workplace wellness initiatives within your organization has positive effects on both your employees’ health and your company’s health. Policies that promote the practice of healthy lifestyles and behaviors during and after office hours will enable your staff to produce their best work and to be their best selves.

3 Types of Focus and 3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Focused Mind

September 26, 2018VibonsDaniel Goleman, Focus, Leadership, Inner Focus, Other Focus, Outer Focus, Mastermind1 min read

The ability to focus is a critical element for strong and effective leadership. According to Daniel Goleman, who is a world wide known psychologist that lectures frequently to professional groups, business audiences and on college campuses, there are actually three distinct ways leaders are required to focus.

Spaced Learning: A New Approach to Increase Retention and Impact

September 19, 2018VibonsSpaced Learning, Online Learning, elearning, Distraction, Josh Bersin, Modern Learner6 min read

Imagine how great it would be if, in a year from now, the employee learning program your company deploys, started producing actual results? And you can finally sigh in relief that employees not only keep up with the program, but the newly acquired knowledge wouldn’t fade?

How to Implement Your L&D Marketing Strategy: 10 Takeaways

September 12, 2018Çigdem ÇalikContent Marketing, L&D Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Employee Engagement, Modern Learner1 min read

L&D specialists have a wealth of possibilities waiting for them in the world of digital content marketing. So, how do L&D professionals best benefit from Content Marketing strategies? Here are 10 tips on how to implement your L&D marketing strategy...

Improving Internal Communications via Video

August 29, 2018VibonsInternal Communications, Video, Motion Graphics, Animated Videos, Employee Engagement1 min read

Video is being hailed by many as the future of content. Its value as a communication tool continued to rise in 2017, its growth directly proportional to the expanding mobile phone industry. A Cisco study predicted that mobile video traffic will account for 75 per cent of total mobile data traffic by 2020.

10 Tips to Build Resilience

August 15, 2018Vibons, APAResilience, American Psychological Association, APA, Building Resilience, Stress Management1 min read

Research has shown that resilience is ordinary, not extraordinary. People commonly demonstrate resilience. And being resilient does not mean that a person doesn't experience difficulty or distress. Emotional pain and sadness are common in people who have suffered major adversity or trauma in their lives. In fact, the road to resilience is likely to involve considerable emotional distress.

"The Three Qualities of People I Most Enjoy Working With" by LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner

August 8, 2018Jeff WeinerMotivation, Employee Engagement, Job Satisfaction, Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn1 min read

What is the secret of enjoy working with other people?

In 2014, Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, shared a Venn diagram in a status update. With 183k+ likes, 7k+ comments and 32k+ shares on LinkedIn so far, it became the most viral update he has shared to date. So, where did this diagram come from? Weiner explains...

How To Use Animation Effectively in Digital Learning: 7 Takeaways

August 2, 2018Tugrul TurkkanAnimation, Motion Graphics, Digital Learning, Corporate Learning, Business Videos1 min read

The power of animation both communicates and captivates us in a way that simple texts and images cannot. That’s why it is not surprising that a recent Forbes Insights study shows demand for video is high in the business world. According to the survey, senior business executives at U.S. companies with annual sales exceeding $500 million characterize video as both a “critical information source" and as a medium that drives employees to take action.

8 Things You Should Know About Microsoft's "Growth Mindset"

July 25, 2018VibonsSilicon Valley, Microsoft, Satya Nadella, Growth Mindset, Carol Dweck1 min read

When Satya Nadella became the boss of Microsoft in 2014, he expanded on Prof. Carol Dweck’s impressive work based on solid research. The goal was to encourage employees to embrace a change in their mindset and believe that if they are eager to learn, their skills will improve over time...

L&D Practices From Silicon Valley: 7 Takeaways From Slack

July 18, 2018VibonsSilicon Valley, Slack, Corporate Learning, Digital Learning1 min read

Kristen Swanson is a director of learning at Slack, a messaging app that aims to eliminate the need for e-mail. Inspired by the children books Choose Your Own Adventure, Swanson developed a training method called Slack Certification...

6 Things You Should Know About Amazon's Training Method "Pivot"

July 11, 2018VibonsPivot, Amazon, Enterprise Learning, Silicon Valley1 min read

Launched just last year, Amazon’s training program called ‘Pivot’ raised lots of questions in the business world and the media. The new program "Pivot," pairs the underperforming employee with a "subject matter expert" called Career Ambassadors who give guidance and support for a fixed period of time.

7 Things You Should Know About Google’s g2g Training Method

July 4, 2018VibonsGoogle, g2g Training Programme, Whisper Course1 min read

At Google, 80% of all tracked trainings are run through an employee-to-employee network called “g2g” (Googler-to-Googler). The “g2g” learning program is created to offer first-hand knowledge in different fields, from employees to employees.

What makes the program so successful? Summed up in one sentence, it promotes a culture that values learning.

10 Things You Should Know About Facebook's Learning Culture

June 28, 2018VibonsSilicon Valley, Facebook, Flip, Managing Unconscious Bias, Bootcamp, Amy Hayes1 min read

Here are the top ten L&D practices from Facebook which lead to better business outcomes

8 Things You Should Know About Adaptive Learning

June 18, 2018Bahar GüvenAdaptive Learning, Digital Learning, Corporate Learning1 min read

Experts predict that one approach may dominate the whole corporate learning environment in future. It is called “Adaptive Learning.

7 Things You Should Know About Internal Communications in the Workplace

June 12, 2018Çigdem ÇalikEmployee Engagement, Internal Communications, Effective Communication, Motion Graphics, Animation1 min read

Now that we have generations X, Y and Z trying to play well together on the same playground, engagement is tougher than ever. It’s crucial for IC departments to attract everyone’s attention, ensure messages are received and remain in control of messages. To do this, they need to plan and execute various strategies that get results. Clearly, since the goal is to reach all employees effectively, communication channel matters most.

How Animation Is Helpful in Enhancing Enterprise Learning?

June 4, 2018Tugrul Turkkan, Co-FounderAnimated Videos, Motion Graphics, Microlearning, Attention Span2 min read

The power of animation both communicates and captivates us in a way that simple texts and images cannot. That’s why it is not surprising that a recent Forbes Insights study shows demand for video is high in the business world. According to the survey, senior business executives at U.S. companies with annual sales exceeding $500 million characterize video as both a “critical information source" and as a medium that drives employees to take action. But how should we use animation in our business videos to enhance learning? Here’s a quick checklist on how to use animation effectively in digital learning.

Head of L&D at Swisscom Enterprise Customers Speaks About Enabling Digital Learning Culture

May 28, 2018Vibons & Patrick VeenhoffPatrick Veenhoff, Swisscom, Learning and Development, Growth Mindset, Ikigai,10 min read

Vibons L&D blog interview with Patrick Veenhoff, Head of L&D at Swisscom Enterprise Customers

8 Things You Should Know About Mayer's 12 Principles of Multimedia Learning

May 8, 2018Tugrul TurkkanRichard Mayer, Mayer's 12 principles, multimedia learning, digital learning1 min read

Richard Mayer, The distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of California, has spent years studying the field of multimedia learning. Years of research efforts resulted in major discoveries that graphics and animations provide an effective learning experience, only if they “are designed in ways that are consistent with how the human mind works and are consistent with research-based principles.”

Engaging Learners Today: Five Key Takeaways from Content Marketing

August 22, 2018Çigdem ÇalikLearning&Development, Content Marketing, DevLearn, engaging learners8 min read

Learning & Development (L&D) professionals must create awareness to impact today’s learner sustainably. Just like content marketers do, they need innovative tactics to conquer the “distraction” problem that looms over contemporary workplaces. Today, marketing and L&D departments share the same side of the table, both searching for ideal engagement strategies.

Learning & Development Best Practices from the Top Silicon Valley Companies

April 24, 2018VibonsL&D, Learning & Development Best Practices, Silicon Valley8 min read

By taking the guesswork out of employee learning, top Silicon Valley companies create new learning initiatives to drive higher employee engagement. Following their example, many other companies are in the process of bringing millennials the #1 most valuable benefit any company can provide: Training and Development.

6 Things About The Importance of Attention Span in E-learning [Infographic]

April 17, 2018VibonsAttention Span, E-learning, James Cutting1 min read

According to scientists, the age of smartphones left us with an 8 second attention span, which constantly changes our learning behaviors. When it's getting harder and harder to pay attention on things and stay focused, obviously, learning designers need to rebuild the structure of learning. At this point, Hollywood filmmakers' solution to keep the viewers' interest alive, is a good indicator for the learning experts as well.

8 Things You Should Know About Internal Communication and Employee Engagement [Infographic]

April 16, 2018VibonsInternal Communication, E-learning, Employee Engagement4 min read

A number of studies show that, businesses that make employee engagement a top priority are more productive, earn higher profits, and have lower turnover rates. Employee engagement is an approach that increases the chances of business success, contributing to organisational and individual performance.

What Role Should Corporate Learning Take in Digitalization?

March 7, 2018Tugrul Turkkan, Co-FounderDigitalization, Microlearning, Corporate Learning, L&D6 min read

Recently, The Economist magazine published an article that has a crucial point on the influence of digitalization on human resources. According to the article, “The total market value of the top three car manufacturers in Detroit was 35 billion dollars in 1990 and they had reached this value with 1.2 million employees. In 2014, the total market value of the top three companies in Silicon Valley was 1 trillion dollars and they have only 137 thousand employees in total.” Experts foresee that computers will soon take over many simple jobs. Over the next 10 years, the work force must develop more distinctive skills and qualities. The question is, what role must Learning & Development play going forward?

8 Things You Should Know About Microlearning [Infographic]

February 28, 2018Cigdem Calik, VibonsMicrolearning, Learning and Development, Video1 min read

What is micro learning and why should we care about it (Infographic)

How watching Breakfast at Tiffany's today may be a good indicator you need to change your approach

March 2, 2018Tugrul Turkkan, CEOASL, micro learning, internal communication, video learning4 min read

Only 20% of you will read this article until its last word, and that fact, as insignificant as it may sound, points out a huge problem in the future of learning. Why? Because we find it harder and harder to pay attention, even for things that matter.

According to a Microsoft study, thanks to smartphones, our attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to eight seconds in 2015.

Since we are not even close to quitting our phones, the only thing left is to adapt. And believe it or not, Hollywood filmmakers have, for years now, known the solution.

How Mayer’s “12 Principles of Multimedia Learning” can be applied to Digital Learning

February 21, 2018Tugrul Turkkan, FounderMicrolearning, Multimedia, Mayer4 min read

In the presentation and discussion on Research Principles for Multimedia Instruction hosted at the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching (HILT), prof. Richard Mayer, who has spent years researching the field of multimedia learning, emphasized the importance of having an active-learning approach for building a stable knowledge construction.

How Internal Communications Methods Are Used To Enhance Employee Engagement

February 8, 2018Evren Yigit, Team VibonsInternal Communications, Employee Engagement, Microlearning, Video learning6 min read

You have changed one of your important company processes and your Internal Communication Specialist or you have sent an email explaining the procedure to your employees. A week later, at the meeting you realize that very few people actually read your email and know about this change in detail. What went wrong? Are your employees not engaged enough to read your company emails or are you just using the wrong method to communicate with them? Or can your internal communications methods be used to enhance your employees’ engagement and interest to what is going on in your company?

6 Must-Have Tools for Engaging e-learning Development

January 29, 2018Bahar GüvenEngagement, e-learning Development, Edtech6 min read

Through the years, it has been confirmed that animation has great potential to improve human learning. As discussed in Mayer’s “Animation as an Aid to Multimedia Learning,” students learn more deeply from animation and narration than from narration alone. However, not all animation “are equally effective in promoting understanding in learners,” especially if the goal is to promote deep understanding.

Microlearning video-based content continues to provide businesses with high growth opportunities. Statistics show that “marketers who use video, grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users”, and “nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds”. According to a report by Cisco, videos will be generating as much as 80% of the entire internet traffic in the world.

Adaptive Learning: the Route Heading to the Most Efficient Learning System

January 11, 2018Bahar GuvenAdaptive Learning, Edtech, Programmed Instruction, Employee Engagement, Diversity9 min read

Despite almost 50-year background, Computer-based training (“CBT”) modules are still insufficient to demonstrate high-level learning outcomes for companies. Although the required high-end technology is still something to work on, that doesn’t mean that we are too far away from an effective learning system.

In the current competitive landscape, time and efficiency are more important than ever. While CLOs are continuously trying to find a cutting-edge learning solution to optimize these two crucial ingredients needed for a successful corporate setting, learning designers and engineers are offering them various dynamic courses with rich digital contents. In the last decade, the corporate L&D market has made a radical progress from one-size-fits-all page-turning courses to mindset changing learning tools such as spaced learning, micro-learning, simulations, gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D’s, and so on. Given all these sophisticated tools, experts predict that one approach may dominate the whole corporate learning environment in future. It is called “Adaptive Learning.”

Agile Learning:
Three Smart Questions to Ask

January 28, 2018Tugrul TurkkanAgile Learning, Microlearning, Video Learning, L&D8 min read

Unlike a few years ago, companies are now aware that “the only way for organizations to cope with today’s turbulent customer-driven marketplace is to become Agile. Agile enables organizations to master continuous change. It permits firms to flourish in a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.”

What is Micro-learning and Why Should We Care About it?

December 26, 2017Cigdem Calik, Vibonsmicrolearning, videolearning, corporate communication, L&D10 min read

We have now entered Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, and digital technology is transforming the way we work. As new generations enter the workforce, expectations are rapidly changing. Mobility is transforming both our business and social lives. And, in addition to these fundamental changes, the current explosion of information is creating vast new territories, which makes our lives even more complicated.

How to Use Video to Improve Internal Communications in the Workplace

December 26, 2017Cigdem Calik, VibonsInternal Communications, employee engagement, video learning, motion graphics8 min read

Employee engagement is a term we hear a lot these days. Given how rapidly the definition and the atmosphere of “business” is changing, engagement is becoming more and more important, and it’s the top priority of internal communications (IC) departments. How do IC departments successfully reach their target audiences? What works? What doesn’t? Is there any new, magic way of “engaging” people? Let’s take a look.

Vibons attended DevLearn 2017: Which corporate learning trends are popular these days?

December 26, 2017Tugrul Turkkan, FounderMicrolearning, Learnin Technologies, DevLearn174 min read

DevLearn, which is one of the big three learning technologies conferences along with ATD and Training Magazine, has left the building. Besides sharing the new perspectives on learning, we met great people including Symbal from Sweden and even had a chance to work with IKEA. This year, again, DevLearn put us at the forefront of what's happening in the learning industry. After three days in Las Vegas full of learning and discovering what the future holds for enterprise learning, it’s time to get ready to apply everything we’ve learned back home.

How does Digital Storytelling Enhance Workplace Learning?

December 26, 2017Jessica Schmidt and Brian WillDigital Storytelling, Microlearning, Animated Video, Digital Learning4 min read

How stories compel us to care.

A James Bond movie played out in the theater while researcher Paul Zak sat out of the way, monitoring the brain activity of twelve moviegoers. He noted when heart rates slowed and sped up – an encounter with a villain caused a significant increase…Zak’s Claremont Graduate University lab has been studying how good narratives influence behavior in business settings. He points out in an article for the Harvard Business Review that if a story sustains viewers’ attention with tensions, character development and smart plot points, then viewers or listeners “will come to share the emotions of the characters in it, and after it ends, likely to continue mimicking the feelings and behaviors of those characters.”


December 26, 2017W. Chan Kim, Renée MauborgneBlue Ocean Strategy3 min read

At a time when the circus industry has left its golden years behind, how has a small show group named Cirque du Soleil managed to turn into one of the world's most profitable entertainment companies? The answer is simple. Cirque du Soleil did not try to compete. It created a new marketplace that rendered competition insignificant. By combining theater and circus, it attracted a new customer group: adults...

The award-winning book “Blue Ocean Strategy” is based on this premise: “The only way to beat the competition is to give up trying to beat the competition.”

Hey Boss: I'm Begging You to Let Me Work From Home

August 2, 2017Team Vibons, Brian de HaafTeam Vibons, Converting Info to Visual2 min read

How can you be sure people are working if you are not there to witness it?

“I can tell you firsthand that remote teams get work done. Often, more work than you could ever imagine,” says Brian de Haaf, CEO of Aha!

Not every organization is ready to embrace this style of working. And many notable companies are calling their remote workers back to cubicle-land. Many employees would love to work at home, but if their boss is opposing with remote working, then there are some talking points.

Brian identifies the benefits of working remotely below:

Permission to “sleep on it” by Susan Peter

July 31, 2017Team Vibons, Susan PetersTeam Vibons, Converting Info to Visual1 min read

What is the “secret sauce” of GE leadership development, and what makes a great leader? Susan Peter, Senior Vice President, Human Resources at GE, explains how GE makes it possible. Current and next CEO including Vice Chair Beth Comstock all carve out time for themselves. When you are living in an “always on” world, it’s hard to disconnect from it.


July 31, 2017Chip Heath, Dan HeathTeam Vibons, Book Summary3 min read

You met a man at the bar. You struck up a conversation. He bought you a drink. Ten minutes later, you began to feel drowsy. That is the last thing you remember... up until the time you woke up without a kidney in a bathtub filled with ice. This is an urban legend. Still, millions of people in four continents are aware of the story. How is that we remember something like this, but many ideas that are much more important just fall into oblivion? Dan and Chip Heath seek the answer to the question, "why some ideas survive, while others die, in the book “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die?”

Permission to “sleep on it” by Susan Peters

July 28, 2017Team Vibons, Susan PetersTeam Vibons, Converting Info to Visual1 min read

What is the “secret sauce” of GE leadership development, and what makes a great leader? Susan Peter, Senior Vice President, Human Resources at GE, explains how GE makes it possible. Current and next CEO including Vice Chair Beth Comstock all carve out time for themselves. When you are living in an “always on” world, it’s hard to disconnect from it.

Allow yourself the luxury of a few extra moments can lead to unexpected ideas, new approaches, quantum changes.


July 24, 2017Team Vibons, Curtis CarlsonInnovation, Team Vibons, Book Summary3 min read

How is that brands such as Apple put one successful product after another on the market, while companies such as Polaroid disappear? This is a topic that scientists, company executives, and management gurus have been mulling over for a very long time. The book by Curtis Carlson, “The Five Disciplines for Creating What Customers Want” discusses this question in detail.

The main premise of the book is that true innovation is possible with a systematic and disciplined approach, not with an instant flash of genius as put forward by Hollywood.

The author is immensely experienced in field research. He is the CEO of an R&D company that has ushered in a number of innovations such as the computer mouse, HDTVs, and the use of robots in surgeries... Let's take to heart his recommendations, which have been proven through experience.

Zoning Out Can Make You More Productive

July 19, 2017Team VibonsTeam Vibons, Converting Info to Visual2 min read

Ever since we are integrated with our devices, we are no longer having a time for a break without connecting information. We can use every minute for maximal efficiency says, Josh Davis. Our devices make us quite productive but also interfere with our productivity where we rest a little from information overload. We are no longer mind-wandering to clear our heads.

How to Develop the Future Employee

July 18, 2017Jacob Davis, Team VibonsTeam Vibons, Converting Info to Visual, Jacob Davis, John Sigmon1 min read

People no longer stay in a company for their entire career as it was before where they receive a retirement package.

Nowadays, employees prefer to work in different conditions such as full-time, part-time, contractors and often move between organizations multiple times during their careers. Many organizations are now changing their mindset and looking for ways to hire, train, and promote.


January 16, 2018Team VibonsBUZZMARKETING2 min read

In 1999, a small Internet company called came up with a genius idea while trying to set itself apart thousands of other companies. It made a deal with a small town with a population of 350 in the state of Oregon in the U.S. The company gave the town some money, 20 computers for the school, and free Internet. In return, the town accepted changing its name to The news made the headlines in the national media in one week.


July 11, 2017Vibons TeamVibons Team, On demand4 min read

Is there such thing as bad profit? Yes, there is. In the old days, it was said that unhappy customers talked five times more than a happy one. Today, social media and the Internet delivers a negative view to thousands, and even millions of people instantly. Management consultant Fred Reichheld focuses on “customer satisfaction” in his famous book. Let's take a look at the book to learn the “Ultimate Way” to sustainable growth...

Company profits are mainly divided into two: good profit... bad profit... Bad profit is seen in every industry. Hotels that charge excessive fees for phone calls... Insurance companies that try to keep most illnesses out of the scope of coverage...

Engagement in Large Corporations

June 12, 2017Team Vibons, China GormanTeam Vibons, Converting Info to Visual, China Gorman3 min read

If you aren’t rethinking the “how” of your internal corporate communication, you’re probably not reaching the “who” you hope to reach. Whether you create a full-blown video studio or use the camera on your mobile phone, chances are that your shorter, more personal messages will actually be received and the information understood. No one is reading your internal corporate messages any more.

Halo Effect

May 22, 2017Team VibonsSoft Skills2 min read

The halo effect is described as the tendency to believe that a good person who is good in behavior A is also good in behaviors B, C, and even D. It was named by psychologist Edward Thorndike in 1920. While studying how officers were assessing soldiers, he noticed that he had the tendency to assess them as totally good or totally bad. They didn't have gray areas such as “Good in this respect, but bad in that respect.”

Subsequent studies demonstrated a significant influence on the halo effect created by the

'Evolution of LMS' by Scott Cooper

May 8, 2017Team Vibons, Scott CooperTeam Vibons, Converting Info to Visual, LMS3 min read

People want, and expect, more from their LMS these days. Being able to simple host and allow access to learning content isn’t enough. As technology evolves at a rapid rate, end users expect their LMS to evolve at the same time, however, this is a major pain point for many LMS users.

Dealing with outdated systems that are not evolving, being stuck with basic features that reduce flexibility, and lack of options when it comes to course creation and interactivity are some of the most common complaints from users who are looking to change up the way that they provide training to their teams.


What eLearning platforms should do to evolve into a modern learning platform?


Being an LMS is not enough anymore. With thousands of competitors, the eLearning platform market is saturated and unless organizations evolve they will disappear.

How do you engage the millennials by Sheila Stone

May 3, 2017Team Vibons, Sheila StoneTeam Vibons, Converting Info to Visual1 min read

In my opinion, a great way to engage millennials is to simply stop referring to them as millennials. This term has taken on quite a negative connotation, lending itself to be an almost slanderous term in certain circles. Not boxing this group of people into a stereotype will greatly assist your continued success in maintaining both their attention and participation on your team. This generation has a lot to offer: they're very intelligent, creative, and very technologically progressive. We should seek to harness these capabilities instead of turning a blind eye to their potential.


May 1, 2017Team VibonsSoft Skills, on demand2 min read

SWOT is an analysis model used to develop company strategy. It stands for: “Strengths - the company's strong points, Weaknesses - weak points, Opportunities - future possibilities, and Threats - future perils.” It is critical to establish these four areas and manage them right.

In the first phase of the analysis, these four areas are discussed in detail. For instance, Apple’s strong points are its “brand image” and “loyal customer base.” Meanwhile, "Android software gaining strength


April 25, 2017Team VibonsEffective Subject Lines, Soft Skills2 min read

Have you received an email with an empty subject line or one that says “hi,” “urgent,” or “request”? It must have taken you quite some time to figure out the purpose of the email. The subject line is the key to writing an effective email. An email with a well written subject line is discerned and replied to three times more often than a badly written one. Think about the letters in your mailbox. You figure out whether it is a bill, an invitation, a personal letter, or advertisement by looking at the envelope. Similarly, a well written subject line reveals the content of the message to the other party. The recipient quickly grasps what to do and take faster action.

So, how can we write an effective subject line? Pay attention to these key points:

One: Use the word, category. Assume that you received an email...


April 18, 2017Vibons TeamVibons Team, EMAIL EFFICIENCY, Soft Skills4 min read

John is from the finance department. He is hard-working, energetic, and motivated... However, he does have a problem. Emails... How many does he receive a day? Take a guess. 100? Go up... 150? Higher... 200? More... He receives a whopping 265 emails from morning till night. Our study shows that nearly one-third of them are unnecessary or irrelevant... If he spends 45 seconds to open, read, and delete each email, there is one hour wasted...

It is up to us to make email communications “smarter!" Wouldn't you like to cut the number of your emails in half? Gain time, increase attention and reduce stress... Then, watch out for the 5 Principles of Effective Email Communication.

Why Are We So Preoccupied With TIME and QUICK?

April 17, 2017Lou Russell, Team VibonsTeam Vibons, Converting Info to Visual, Lou Russell4 min read

Ganesh reminded her of me, because Ganesh appears to be very capable of multi-tasking thanks to many appendages. Ganesh is the god of beginnings and widely revered as the mover of obstacles. I have always prided myself on my ability to juggle multiple things but if I’m honest, I am addicted to shiny objects and can actually create too many obstacles. I love new projects and one of my faults is that I often drop the 80% done project to start a new one. It seems like everyone is flailing their multitasking arms.

Infographics for 'The Disruption of Digital Learning' article by Josh Bersin

April 12, 2017Team Vibons, Josh BersinTeam Vibons, Converting Info to Visual, Josh Bersin1 min read

Digital Learning does not mean learning on your phone, it means "bringing learning to where employees are."

It is a "way of learning" not a "type of learning."


April 10, 2017Team VibonsHow to Write Effective e-Mails, Team Vibons, Converting Info to Visual4 min read

We receive numerous emails that are incomprehensible. It is a job in itself to figure them out in between calls, meetings, and other messages. The rules of writing have changed in the era of fast communication. However, most of us are not fully aware of this. So, what should we look out for? Simplicity, technique, and clarity.

This is the essence of writing simply. The simpler your message is, the easier for the recipient to keep it in his/her mind.

What are the top trends in eLearning now?

April 5, 2017Team Vibons, Joe GanciTeam Vibons, Converting Info to Visual, Joe Ganci3 min read

The video is much more common now as it has become easier and less expensive to create and edit. eLearning lessons are now shorter and fewer in a course than in the past, where it was not uncommon to have dozens of lessons in an eLearning course.

What’s trending now? Here are my top six observations.


April 3, 2017Team VibonsSegmentation, Explainer Video, Soft Skills3 min read

"Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black," said Henry Ford, the father of mass production, when he began selling his T-Model car. That is all water under the bridge now. Why are cars being put into the market in a myriad of types, colors, and models today? Why is water sold in various forms? Think along the same lines. Can two customers have the same expectation from us?

Do we really know which one of our customers creates the main revenue for us, and which one consumes most of our time?

Vibons Blog Interview with Keith Merron: 'Leadership'

March 29, 2017Team Vibons, Keith MerronKeith Merron, Leadership10 min read

Annually you would get a bunch of people together, do 5 -10 year plans and adjust them every year so but your weren’t dynamically steering you were focusing and getting everybody aligned around that direction.

Today and such a moving world, you probably heard of the word VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous), organizations when they plan it was kind of like planning-ish. It’s not really firm plans. You plan, you set a direction, you get a bunch a people involved in that planning to be sure that everybody is clear about where things are going and then you revisit that plan quite a bit. Most companies don’t do more than 1-3 year planning and it more like 1-3 year aiming.

Group Presentation Skills by Vibons

March 27, 2017Team VibonsVibons, Group Presentation Skills, Soft Skills3 min read

Business life is full of presentations... But, are these presentations effective? Here are five points to watch out for if you would like to make successful presentations like Jane would:

One: Preparation matters. Jot down on paper anything that comes to your mind about the presentation. Then, organize your thoughts systematically. It is hard for the audience to follow a presentation...

Digital Learning and Distracted Employees

April 14, 2017Kari Loken, Lindsay-Rae LeBrunKari Loken, Lindsay-Rae Lebrun, Team Vibons, Digital Learning3 min read

Vibons L&D blog interview with Kari Loken and Lindsay-Rae Lebrun from Autodesk

-Recent studies indicate that multi-tasking is not an ideal mental stage in learning. Can you share your thoughts?

First off, the thing that comes to mind is the research that has been done by the Neuroleadership Institute, which has found that our brains physically cannot multi-task. The concept of multi-tasking used to be popular among professionals, but that is not the case anymore. Our brains aren’t wired to focus on more than one thing at a time, so cramming multiple tasks onto a to-do list will actually slow down our cognitive processing. We are unable to organize our thoughts or filter out unnecessary information. As a result, efficiency deteriorates—and so does the quality of our work. At Autodesk, we are working to redesign the curriculum and the way we approach the learning process. We want to abandon the traditional trainings and structure with modern methods where we will apply some of this research, including micro-learning principles, to our content.

Fix My Meeting by Tina Smith

April 6, 2017Team VibonsTina Smith, Team Vibons, Converting Info to Visual1 min read

I have a few standard on having Productive Meetings that I keep to:
Meetings start on time
Commit to ending time
Everyone participates

I recently saw an article about meetings that made me laugh. Evidently Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos uses pizza as a metric for the size of his teams. How? If a team can't be fed by 2 pizzas, it is 2 large. I like it!
I wonder if there is something special in the pizza sauce there at Amazon?

'6 Forgotten Leadership Lessons from Childhood' by Ayse Birsel

April 11, 2017Team VibonsAyse Birsel, Team Vibons, Converting Info to Visual1 min read

They say kids pick up certain skills like languages faster than adults because of the way their brains are wired but it might be because of the simple lessons that parents and teachers install in us at an early age.

How to Reduce Cognitive Load in eLearning by Connie Malamed

March 22, 2017Team VibonsConnie Malamed, Team Vibons, Converting Info to Visual1 min read

How to Reduce Cognitive Load in e-Learning

Maximise the signal 'the message you want to communicate'
Minimise the noise 'the extraneous information that detracts from learning

What elements become noise during learning?
Poor Instructions
Confusing Interface
Visually Cluttered Layout

Visualised by Vibons

How Can You Apply the Three Principles of Microlearning? Principle Two: Digestible Segments

March 22, 2017Tugrul Turkkanmicrolearning4 min read

Here is the challenge: if the duration of your training content exceeds the critical threshold -4 minutes-, what you need to do? Apply the second principle: “Cut to digestible segments.” Instead of forcing them to eat the whole cake, give them one pie after another.

Viboard Launched

March 13, 2017Team VibonsViboard1 min read

We are pleased to announce Viboard, our new collaboration tool that is designed to increase the efficiency of the creative process of our animated videos.

'A study on Coaching for Resilience: Leadership Success in a VUCA World' by Tracy Dodd

March 29, 2017Team VibonsTracy Dodd, Team Vibons, Converting Info to Visual1 min read

We quoted Tracy Dodd, Global Head of Talent | Vice President, Talent Development at CA Technologies, as seeing the benefits of everyone in the company coaching each other and the positive effects it has...

Employees Have About 20 Minutes a Week "To Learn" quoted from Josh Bersin

March 29, 2017Team VibonsTeam Vibons, Converting Info to Visual, Josh Bersin1 min read

Josh Bersin writes about and illustrates in a graphic how fast corporate learning has changed in the last 15 years. From online instructor-led training to visually stimulating, personalized and reduced but potent content, employees expect more than linear learning.

Published in the article...

Learning From Experience: Re-Framing Mistakes by Maura Stevenson

March 29, 2017Team VibonsMaura Stevenson, Team Vibons, Converting Info to Visual1 min read

Maura Stevenson writes how to change the way you think about your snafu into something you can benefit from. She also encourages people...

A visualisation by Vibons for Darren Ford's 'Knowing (& Living) Core Values is Crucial'

April 3, 2017Team VibonsDarren Ford, Team Vibons, Converting Info to Visual1 min read

Darren Ford published this article about core values February of 2017. He stated that good core values in an organization leads to a healthy culture and a good place to work. He also stated that...

How to Communicate Internally in the Distracted Age?

March 7, 2017Tugrul TurkkanMotion graphics, Distraction, Case Study3 min read

Once upon a time in the stone age, one of our ancestors was rescued by her instant reaction to “a change in the environment.” Her peripheral vision sensed a small motion, the eyes of a saber tooth tiger in the shadows; and she ran away just in time. How did it happen?

Because our brains are programmed to pay attention to visual changes simply to survive.

Good news for our ancestor in the stone age, but bad news for us, the descendants of her… Let me explain: while you focus on a critical task in your daily life, this same pre-programmed reaction takes us away thanks to the endless amount of distractions, i.e., an email pop-up or a social media notification. We lose our focus; we work hard to regain it and eventually we gain it… until we lose it again. That’s the unfortunate yet true cycle most of us experience daily!

Why You Need Microlearning in 2017?

March 7, 2017Tugrul TurkkanMicro learning, Distraction, Case Study6 min read

Technological change demands different ways to make learning work. Why? Because the information overload (thanks to digitalization) and the distractions (thanks to digitalization) created a different learner.

Here’s a study from Basex, a New York-based research company. It shows how information generates over time. The invention of Papyrus, the Alphabet, the printing press... The rate of information generation goes relatively flat until the 20th century. But then things changed. In the second half of the 20th Century, the advances in communication and information technology led to the creation of the internet and the digital devices. This leads to a massive increase in information that is available. Now we’re facing a problem here: the information is increasing rapidly, but our cognitive capacity to digest it stays the same.

How Can You Apply the Three Principles of Microlearning? Principle One: Less is More

March 30, 2017Tugrul TurkkanMotion graphics, Distraction, Case Study5 min read

In my previous blog post, I stated that the digital age has created “the distracted learner”. Studies show that attention spans are falling and making it harder for people to learn something presented digitally longer than, say, 5 minutes.

If the learners are distracted so easily, then the content developers need to find a way to make content that is “light on minutes” but “heavy on content” for learners.

Thus I introduce you to the first principle of microlearning: Less is More.

Glass Ceiling: An Unacknowledged Professional Barrier for Women

March 29, 2017Team VibonsSharon C. Bolton, Team Vibons, Converting Info to Visual1 min read

Sharon C. Bolton published an article about how there are a lot of female managers but not that many CEOs in the corporate world. With statistical analysis and key points like Glass Walls, Boxed In and Continued Inequality, it makes for an eye opening read.

What we visualized into a motion graphic was her core idea of the “Glass Ceiling” to help spread the information....

EMPATHY -a 360- Degree Approach to Empathy

March 22, 2017Team VibonsJessica Amortegui, Animated Gif, Converting Info to Visual1 min read

Jessica Amortegui considers the full perspective of having empathy at work. She wrote "Are You Using Apple's Secret Skill At Work?" that stated that empathy at work...