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'Evolution of LMS' by Scott Cooper

By Team Vibons, Scott Cooper   |    3 min read

'Evolution of LMS' by Scott Cooper

By Team Vibons, Scott Cooper
 3 min read

Learning community is experiencing difficulties with the traditional LMS. What are the typical challenges with the LMS?


People want, and expect, more from their LMS these days. Being able to simple host and allow access to learning content isn’t enough. As technology evolves at a rapid rate, end users expect their LMS to evolve at the same time, however, this is a major pain point for many LMS users.

Dealing with outdated systems that are not evolving, being stuck with basic features that reduce flexibility, and lack of options when it comes to course creation and interactivity are some of the most common complaints from users who are looking to change up the way that they provide training to their teams.


What eLearning platforms should do to evolve into a modern learning platform?


Being an LMS is not enough anymore. With thousands of competitors, the eLearning platform market is saturated and unless organizations evolve they will disappear. 


End users of learning platforms are looking for the all in one system. They don’t want a platform that can only perform one core action, they want to be able to manage their entire learning program, including tracking employee learning and syncing with HR software all from the one system. Failing to provide those integrations, and failing to offer more than just a way to deliver learning content to employees is going to result in potential customers very quickly looking beyond your product.


What do digital learning platforms offer to their customer?


The market for online learning platforms is booming, if you can build the right product. Being able to offer flexibility of learning anywhere, and having a world of learning at your fingertips is the next evolution of education and training.


Even though there is a huge rise in the uptake of online learning, by no means does this mean that traditional, or classroom based learning is dead. Those who are able to create a blended learning solution by utilizing shorter in person workshops, combined with bite size length online courses are going to yield the benefits of sustained learning, and are the front runners in the future of workplace training. 


What do Go1 offers to their clients?


The GO1 learning platform has taken the next big step when it comes to online learning. In the past you would need to have an LMS, as well as having to create or purchase learning content that you could use. Not anymore. GO1 is the only complete package where you can access over 150,000 courses from the best learning content providers in the world, as well as having one of the most intuitive and simple to use learning platforms on the market.


With simple drag and drop course creation tools, ability to integrate with any HR management system, custom report building and learner tracking, and the ability to track in person and online elements within a single course, GO1 is the total package. Starting at only $1 per user per month, it’s also the most affordable way to provide training, and fits with any budget.


Being able to combine our marketplace content, and custom build courses is the full circle solution that allows for personalization, combined with a library of high quality courses.

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