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Viboard Launched

By Team Vibons   |    1 min read

Viboard Launched

By Team Vibons
 1 min read

Viboard is here!

We are pleased to announce Viboard, our new collaboration tool that is designed to increase the efficiency of the creative process of our animated videos.

One of the challenges in producing effective animated videos is “the visualization of the text”. The relationship between the visual animation and the voice-over needs to be perfect. Otherwise, the viewer can’t retain the idea since it’s almost impossible to retain two misaligned pieces of information -visual & auditory- at the same time.

That is why we created Viboard. Viboard is where all the animated scenes and images of all our design kits are collected in a platform with “idea tags”. From now on, the art directors and the animators of Vibons can easily search and find the right images that successfully convey the idea to the viewer. It may also be the first step in our journey to text-to-animation.

To learn more, watch this video: motion graphics in e-learning & visit

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