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Zoning Out Can Make You More Productive

By Team Vibons   |    2 min read

Zoning Out Can Make You More Productive

By Team Vibons
 2 min read

Ever since we are integrated with our devices, we are no longer having a time for a break without connecting information. We can use every minute for maximal efficiency says, Josh Davis. Our devices make us quite productive but also interfere with our productivity where we rest a little from information overload. We are no longer mind-wandering to clear our heads.

Being “always on” like this can make us less productive because it can block the brain processes that occur when we let our minds wander. Neuroscience and psychology research show that mind-wandering facilitates creativity, planning, and putting off immediate desires in favor of future rewards. Each of those can be necessary for working effectively. 

Tracking a lot of new information can interfere with that background mental work, limiting mind-wandering and blocking the incubation that leads to creative solutions.

When our mind left to wander; it primarily plans our future according to researchers. Our daily routines and busy work flow make us complain that we are not focusing on our long-term goals.

Josh Davis suggests that if your mind is trying to wander, let it. Help it go to a new topic, but one that won’t need too much mental effort. Don’t check your favorite website or your email. Instead, allow the background processing that mind-wandering affords so you can get back to work and be more efficient. Mind-wandering doesn’t need to take very long. You may be refreshed in a few minutes.

Here are some steps you can take to mind-wander:

• The next time you find it hard to concentrate, walk to the window and think about the people or cars going by for a few minutes until you get bored.

• Close your eyes for a few minutes and notice the sounds in the room.

• We used to take cigarette breaks. Now we pick up our devices. You can still step outside for a couple of minutes without a cigarette. But leave your device inside.

To be effective, minds need opportunities to wander. Our devices make that hard. But with a few small changes, we can learn to help our minds help us be more productive.

This article is taken from an interview on the Future of Work Podcast with John Sigmon and Jacob Davis. 

You can view the original article from  here .

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