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How to Develop the Future Employee

By Jacob Davis, Team Vibons   |    1 min read

How to Develop the Future Employee

By Jacob Davis, Team Vibons
 1 min read

People no longer stay in a company for their entire career as it was before where they receive a retirement package.

Nowadays, employees prefer to work in different conditions such as full-time, part-time, contractors and often move between organizations multiple times during their careers. Many organizations are now changing their mindset and looking for ways to hire, train, and promote. One of the biggest obstacles for organizations is how much time, effort, and training to put into an employee that could leave the company and go work for a competitor in just a few years. 

An employee's worth is often based on how much they contribute to the company, but the new wave of thinking highlights that organizations must also contribute back to employees. Not only by paychecks and benefits companies are also investing in their employees by providing career development and building marketability and strong skills. 

As the future of work evolves, we'll likely see more changes in what it means to be an employee, especially regarding customization and flexibility. However, organizations should continue to improve alongside their employees and develop them into well-rounded people who can contribute to the company's success every day.

This article was taken from an interview on the Future of Work Podcast with John Sigmon and Jacob Davis.

You can view the original article from here .

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